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This may not be completely up-to-date.

Bob: Was a Transfer student in Floyd's school, back in the day. Since he's not a panda, everyone thought he might be an alien. Bob certainly never denied it, either... But the "truth" remains to be seen. Not the same as Bob's Diner's Bob.

Bruno: Super model. Surprisingly light on his feet. Violently passionate about things. Friends with his "tiny companion," Floyd. Responsible for Floyd's funny face.

Chad: "Handsome" prince, cursed by a witch to look like a dog. Chad isn't his real name, but we haven't learned it, yet.

Dale: A teacher, I guess? Spends most of his time in interwebland.

Dawa, Dawa-Sensei, Charming Prince Dawa, Dawasaurus: Artist. Maniac. Prince look-alike. Slacker. Founder/principal/teacher for questionable academy. Dresses like a dinosaur sometimes, I guess? Wanders off (or gets pulled) into strange fantasy worlds, like Animeland. The reality of these adventures is debatable. Seems to have a working time-machine.

Fang: Gnaws on stuff. One of Floyd's old classmates.

Floyd: Dawa's conscience. When away, he is always stressing that Dawa has either gotten into some sort of trouble, or is seriously slacking off.

Jake: Usually referred to as "My Doggy! <3" Deceased. Dawa visits him, by going back in time.

Sprinkle: NAG.

The Dude: The cool guy that everyone wants to be friends with. Plays guitar in a band.