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Hourly Comics:

Hourly comics are speed comics that people draw every hour, for a day or two, while they are awake... Every now and then, I'll do these, but they don't really fit in anywhere else, so I'll leave them here. So they show how boring my life is, how sloppy my handwriting is, how little work I get done, etc.

This last one is a bit different, because I was playing Pokemon Platinum the whole time (also, it is my favourite):

This one is the newest:

Projects on Hiatus:

The Tenties:

A story about Tentacle monsters.

Eventually, I decided to make this into a children's book. The planning is all done, but I won't do it until I get some other projects finished. Probably after Open Space is over and done with, then, I'll do the Tenties.


A comic for which my sister was writing the script. It's been three years, without an update, so I figure she's not really gonna write anymore for it. *shrug*

Open Space:

A novel I had been writing for a really long time. I just... don't even feel like finishing it, anymore. haha

Dogs Fer Brains:

Chapter One: Dogquest

This is incomplete! I do not know if I will finish it.

If you stop here, you won't be missing much. Really. I'd just remove the following links, if I weren't a completionist...

Super Old Comics:


The Prequel to EM Identity. Follow the school-life adventures of Jay, Raphael, and their friends at the "Mechakucha Academy for Mayhem and Destruction."

Warning: For bad art, bad writing, and a rushed ending.

Bob's Diner:

Matomo from Mechakucha works in a diner as a chef. His eccentric boss shoves all the responsibility onto him and runs off to have fun. And, of course, everything that can go wrong, does. Starting with the Milkshake machine and ending with-- Well, you'll see. :D

Features the debuts of Mr. Tenty and Donnelly from "The Tenties," and Kardon of "Open Space." ... Dagobert is there, too. (From Mechakucha and Open Space.)

Originally planned as a one-shot, but I might make more chapters, in the future.

Disclaimer: No Milkshakes were harmed in the making of this comic.