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Pre-Webcomic comics:
(The Dawasaurus comics I drew before deciding to start the webcomic.)
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Not Part of an arc:
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The Phone Call:
(Dawa gets a call from an army recruiter and has a panic-attack.)
[Page 5]---[Page 6]---[Page 7]

Time-Travel arc:
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[Page 105]---[Page 107]

Letters from Sexy Russian Women:
[Page 27]---[Page 28]---[Page 29]

Reunion Arc:
(Dawa's conscience, Floyd, leaves her on her own while he goes to china for a class reunion.)
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Sketchbook Arc:
(Dawa is accidentally trapped in the world inside her sketchbook!)
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[Page 64]---[Page 66]---[Page 69]---[Page 71]---[Page 73]---[Page 74]---[Page 76]
[Page 78]---[Page 79]---[Page 80]---[Page 81]---[Page 82]---[Page 83]---[Page 84]
[Page 86]---[Page 88]---[Page 89]---[Page 90]---[Page 91]

Kidnapped Arc:
(Floyd is kidnapped! Runs along-side the Sketchbook arc.)
[Page 60]---[Page 62]---[Page 65]---[Page 70]---[Page 72]---[Page 75]---[Page 77]

Donnelly Arc:
(Donnelly meets his maker. Literally.)
[Page 93]---[Page 94]---[Page 95]---[Page 96]---[Page 97]---[Page 98]---[Page 99]
[Page 100]---[Page 101]---[Page 102]---[Page 104]---[Page 105]

Pokemon Black 2:
(Sketch comics.)
[Page 108]---[Page 109]---[Page 117]