Here is a directory of my older projects. This is a selection of pages from an older version of my website, so note that some links may be broken now. If you find yourself in a page that doesn't exist, just back away slowly and pretend you were never there.


The comic for which the website was named. It was pretty much a "whatever I feel like drawing that day" kind of comic.

EM Identity

A comic about teens with super powers. The main characters were a girl with amnesia and her naive brother. This one didn't run for very long, before basically the whole website went into hiatus.

The Butts Collecton

This was less comics, and more a collection of animated .gifs and other silly doodles. This is the type of content that I'm most likely to send to friends.

Much much older projects

This is the page where I used to keep old projects and things on hiatus.