Duck Fight

"Who will claim victory? You... or the ducks?"

Duck Fight has been called "the game that defined a generation". While originally intended as a one-off, the game gained enough popularity for plans to be made to extend Duck Fight into a fully fledged franchise. For newcomers to the phenomenon that is Duck Fight, we suggest you download and play Duck Fight Double Pack; the closest thing to the original game we offer.

Duck Fight Double Pack

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Duck Fight Double Pack is a single executable compilation of the original game, The Duck Fight, and its highly praised continuation, The Duck Fight: Part II.

Download Duck Fight Double Pack v1.3 (403 KB)

Super Spooky Haunted House Duck Fight

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Super Spooky Haunted House Duck Fight is a trick or treat adventure set in the world of Duck Fight. Features a brand new gameplay style and many well-hidden secrets.

Download Super Spooky Haunted House Duck Fight (3.23 MB)

Future Duck Fight Projects

Members of Team 3000 are working hard on a number of new entries in the Duck Fight series:


Duck Story is Sergio's surreal tribute to both Duck Fight and Cave Story. He keeps forgetting to work on it.


Duck Fight HD is a reimagining of the original Duck Fight intended to introduce a whole new generation of gamers to this classic game.

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Duck Fight 3 (aka Final Duck Fight) may or may not exist.

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Robo Duck Fight is a secret to no one.

Other Stuff

Bit.Trip Runner

The green duck shows up as graffiti in the City Levels of Bit.Trip Runner for the Nintendo Wii. Super-special thanks to Gaijin Games for sticking him in there!

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